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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Frank Mir Says Fedor Emelianenko Fights More Of A Carnival

Fedor Emelianenko

Nogueira is the advanced combatant advanced nellorganizzazione in the world. The frank MIR has fought hardly and beat Brock Lesnar to UFC 81. It would be the much hard not dargli advanced right now." of the point; It is little clearly to who the MIR was referring dallavversario of Emelianenkos lultima time was Choi, Hong-man with unannotazione 12-4 and before that one it was opaque Lindland with unannotazione 20-5. If that one is the tendency hour -- to fight unranked the types -- it will be much hard one to wave the places. Lultimo opposing of "Fedors it was not a aligned type. That fight was the courtesy of BodogFight.. Combat 7-5 types is more than a carnival. Not those youre not a large combatant, but you it must fight the advanced types. Hour hes that it calls outside, implying in unintervista with that lultimo opposing of Fedors is "not a fighter" large;.